Prefabricated Architecture


Our expertise is in the advanced manufacture of prefabricated housing. Fraser is completing a PhD in engineering, at the ARC Centre for Advanced Manufacture of Prefabricated Housing at Melbourne University. This, and having travelled extensively through Sweden and Japan to examine advanced methods of manufacturing buildings, allows for a greater understanding of how to design a building for manufacture. His research into building manufacture processes, combined with extensive experience in architecture and design, allows for a potent mix of making buildings better, and faster.

Having in-depth knowledge of the building manufacture process can save time and cost, while will allowing the creative flexibility of the architecture. Prefabricated architecture is not limited in form, or built outcome when the methods of manufacture are well understood and catered for in the design. This knowledge of prefabrication techniques can allow significant cost and time savings on site. Witnessing buildings being assembled on site to completion in a single day in Sweden and Japan was a strong driver for this focus. Coupled to that is the high levels of design detailed to create buildings of architectural excellence.

Expandable Housing

This is our revolutionary system of house design where the house is designed to grow as the family grows. It is all centered around Structural Insulated Panels.

From an affordable standpoint, you can start with a smaller home, and add on pre-designed modules as you require. This means that you start with a smaller mortgage. To add an extension module, you build it, then the very last thing you do is cut a hole in the wall which becomes the door to your new room. 


This is the very heart of affordable housing, and we are excited to be involved in a number of projects within the affordable, community housing spectrum.  


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