The Avenue Medical Centre


Proposal for a car park and medical space extension. A grid envelopes the entire form behind the existing brick façade of the original 19th century building. Where it is against car park it is for green wall , providing natural ventilation and above, where it wraps the medical suits, it provides a framework for the glazing. The inclined walls also help reduce the visual bulk to the neighbouring streets.

7 Hodgson Street

On a tight site in Fitzroy, we sculpted a building. An apartment block of 10 units,  we decided that sculpting something would be more appropriate than blending in to the stark surrounds of this undefined, almost industrial landscape.


This white light in the middle of a banal street allowed us to sculpt something new. The base was shaped into a 3 dimensional plinth supporting the thinned out from above. We had a thin site, so we decided to make the building thinner, allowing it to soar above the heights of everything surrounding.

Air Powered Services

If you take off from the northern runway at Tullamarine Airport, look down and left, and you will see this bright orange spot amongst a sea of grey concrete.


Built for Air Powered Services, the form of this building was derived from a heat sink seen on most air powered machinery. A literal and simple translation of concept to building, we decided to paint it the brightest colour orange possible, just in case you might for some reason miss it.  


3000m2 of warehouse floor is supported by 200m2 of office. Build cost was $2.2 million. 

Jasper Road

The built form is a simple and efficient apartment layout set around a courtyard. The facade is textured concrete, designed to capture the light through the course of the day and throughout the seasons. 

250 Gore Street

Originally designed to have rooftop gardens, a 9.5 out of 10 star energy rating (almost zero energy) vertical gardens, beautiful textures and materials, and a lush centrals courtyard. Internal circulation and passive air flow meant that the building has a very low energy use and is a successful green building.




Flinders Street Station

When the State Government  announced an international design competition, we jumped. Flinders Street Station, a massive hole of inactivity creating a barrier between the CBD and the river needs some TLC. 


We created towers that soar above the west end rail yard, carved from concrete and glass, they elevate the mediocre buildings of that end of the city. 


The station building itself we proposed to restore and give back to the people, reprogramming it with retail, restaurants, a new ballroom, and a public destination worth going to. 

Richmond Station

450 residential units soar toward the city in a horizontal skyscraper filled with amenity and retail through its belly that scrapes the rail below.


A homage to the MCG by not blocking any view to it, this building would be magnificent, stretching, trying to reach the city and in its finest moment, accessing 12 train lines to different part of metropolitan Melbourne right at its door step. 

Christchurch Earthquake Memorial
Christchurch, New Zealand

For this somber memorial we proposed a catenary of 185 lights above the chosen river site to represent the 185 lives lost in the earthquake. Simple yet powerful, we feel that this was appropriate.


Quiet places for reflection were scattered around the site, the structure of which was based on the structure of the fern, the national emblem.

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