Born Melbourne.
Lives & works in Melbourne, Australia.


[email protected]


1996 - 2004

Bachelor Architecture 

RMIT University,

Melbourne, Australia


2017 - current

PhD Engineering

Melbourne University



Paxton Architecture is an established design-oriented practise located in Melbourne, Australia. Fraser is a leader in the field of prefabrication, having significant experience and expertise in many forms of prefab, whether it be panelised, volumetric, or smaller component-based building elements. He has been dedicating a vast amount of time in developing advanced manufacture techniques of prefabricating architecture, moving towards a more progressive and sustainable future in the construction industry.

The work shown here is a broad cross-section of projects completed since the practice began in 2009. The variety of projects form interiors, to healthcare, to industrial, residential, and larger commercial demonstrates the commitment and to better architecture in Melbourne.


2018 ZEMCH Zero Energy Mass Custom Home Conference

Moving Assembly Line for Low-Cost Mass Custom Homes

A Minimum Viable Product Design of Volumetric Building Modules

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