Architecture is our passion. We believe in the positive impact it has on our environments, and the people who inhabit it. Good architecture starts with artistic intent, and rigorous investigation and analysis of the intent, which is how we turn idea, into built form. This is what we do. 

Fraser Paxton started practising in 2009, having worked previously on larger commercial projects around the world. This experience in skyscraper design is not lost in his diverse skill set as an architect, and teacher of architecture and design. Fraser Paxton Architects is a design-oriented practice operating out of Melbourne, Australia. As one of many good Melbourne architects, Fraser is constantly striving for better environments for everyday people, be it the design of public space, of private houses, of large apartment blocks, interior fit-outs and of modular and affordable housing. 


As an expert in the field of prefabricated architecture, Fraser has been dedicating a vast amount of time in developing advanced manufacture techniques of prefabricating architecture. He is working on multiple prefabricated building projects, ranging from residential to commercial, using offsite methods of prefabrication, from large prefab panel systems to volumetric buildings elements, or smaller panel systems such as SIPs. He has a wealth of knowledge in this area.


Fraser is currently 3 year into his PhD in engineering, looking at the Design for lean manufacture of architecture. This is being completed within the Centre for Advanced Manufacturing of Prefabricated Housing - CAMP-H at The University of Melbourne. His research is centred around improvements to building manufacture processes and the development of a framework of design considerations to achieve better outcomes, both in design and manufacture, of prefabricated architecture.


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