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Densification of inner urban areas.

This post is specific to Melbourne Australia, but seems to be a common condition of western cities around the world.

Some would say that this is a no brainer. Unfortunately, not all see it that way. Where there is opportunity to build high, we should. For years various bodies have been campaigning for the increase of housing density along urban corridors defined by tram lines, infrastructure such as shopping strips, and ideally within walking distance of everything one needs to live.

Water Harvesting

Today's article in The Age is an exciting endorsement of rain water harvesting on a mass scale that could decentralise the water system of Melbourne. Whether this happens remains to be seen but this is an exciting step towards action. Decentralising the water system of Melbourne would mean that there is flexibility in the system, and that we are not reliant on reservoirs or the desalinisation plant and its massive power consumption.

Worlds first Zero Energy Revamp

check out this link to the world's first zero energy building revamp.




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